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This website uses cookies, including third party cookies, to improve the browsing experience and allow visitors to take advantage of our on-line services.
This cookies policy must be read together with our Privacy Policy; please consult it for more information on what we do and do not do with your personal data.
If you continue browsing our website, you consent to the use of cookies.
The cookies used in this site fall into the categories described below.


Cookies are small text files sent from websites and stored on your computer, tablet, smart phone or other mobile device. They contain basic browsing information and thanks to the browser, thy are recognised each time you visit the site. Cookies can be first-party cookies if set by the site visited, or third-party cookies if sent from a site other than the one visited.


Technical cookies
This type of cookie used to ensure certain sections of the site work correctly. There are two categories: persistent and session:
Persistent: once the browser has been closed, they are not deleted but remain until a pre-set expiry date or until the user deletes them
Session: they are deleted each time the browser is closed

Technical cookies are used for the following:
a) Activities strictly necessary for operation. These cookies are technical in nature and allow the site to work properly. For example, they keep the user connected during browsing, preventing the site from having to reconnect each time to access different pages or sections of the site.
b) Saving preferences. These cookies save the preferences you select during browsing, e.g. language preferences.
c) statistical and audience measurement activities. These cookies collect data in an anonymous and aggregated form to help us understand how users interact with our internet site, providing information on the sections visited, time spent on the site and any malfunctions. This helps us improve our website’s performance.


We work with suppliers that may also install cookies for the proper functioning of the services that they provide. We have no control over these. For information on third-party cookies and how to disable them, please click on the link below for each third-party cookie.


Cookie name: _dc_gtm_UA

Purpose: Profiling cookies used for Google Analytics tracking.
Expiry: end of the session

Third-party: Yes (Google Analytics), Google privacy policy >>>

Cookie name: _ga
Purpose: This cookie is used to identify unique visitors in order to assign a randomly generated number as client identifier (client ID). It is used to distinguish between users by collecting data in an anonymous and aggregated form. No information identifying a visitor is collected.
Expiry: after 2 years
Third-party: Yes (Google Analytics), Google privacy policy >>>

Cookie name: 420plan
Purpose: Optimises browsing
Expiry: after 15 minutes
Third-party: no

Cookie name: 420plan BAK
Purpose: to optimize browsing
Expiry: after 1 hour
Third-party: no

Cookie name: cookie_notice_accepted
Purpose: Records acceptance to continue browsing the website after clicking “Accept” in the information banner
Expiry: after 1 year
Third-party: no

Cookie name: wp-settings-1
Purpose: Optimises display of the WordPress site and use by the administrator
Expiry: after 1 year
Third-party: no

Cookie name: wp-settings-time-1
Purpose: Optimises display of the WordPress site and use by the administrator
Expiry: after 1 year
Third-party: no

Cookie name: wordpress_
Purpose Authenticates administrator access credentials
Expiry: after 1 year
Third-party: no

Cookie name: wordpress_logged_in_
Purpose Authenticates access credentials for a user creating an account on the site
Expiry: after 1 year
Third-party: no

You can disable cookies on your browser at any time. However, this option could limit many of the site’s browser features.


Our websites contain special “buttons” (called “Social buttons/widgets”) depicting social network icons (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and other web sites (Google+, SlideShare, etc.). These buttons let users interact directly with their social networks and other web sites shown here. The social network and other web sites receive data on the user’s visit, but the data controller does not share any browsing or user data acquired through its site with your social networks or other web sites accessible via the Social buttons/widgets.


How to disable cookies in Firefox
How to disable cookies in Chrome
How to disable cookies in Internet Explorer
How to disable cookies in Safari
How to disable cookies in Opera

If you use another browser, see the browser settings for how to manage cookies.
Consult your user manual for more information on managing cookies on your mobile device. For more information about cookies and how to manage them, visit www.aboutcookies.org.

Visit http://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices for information on behavioural advertising and to activate or deactivate the companies listed that work with web site managers to gather and use information useful for advertising.


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