Pulper waste recycling

Pulper waste is a mixture that is created as a result of the paper pulping process. When paper is sent to the recycling plant, it always contains a certain amount of impurities and non-cellulose components. These impurities are removed during the recycling process. They do not enter the paper recycling loop and instead form a mixture of different materials (plastic, metal, glass, wood, sand, etc.) that must be disposed of separately.

This guarantees a twofold advantage: on the one hand, the quantity of waste destined for disposal at collection centres is progressively reduced, eliminating all direct and indirect environmental costs and impacts; on the other hand, the materials that can still be used are recovered and new ones are produced by mixing them with other waste from sorted collection, for future re-introduction into the market.

Single-shaft shredder GS650

GS650 with 650 mm rotor is a single-shaft shredder with radial pusher and electric motor drive able to guarantee high hourly throughput.

  • Arc welded monobloc structure for elevated robustness
  • Large shredding surface area and the maximum reliability
  • Bearings separated from the shredding zone 
  • Parallel shaft gear reducer
  • Easy maintenance thanks to fully automatic opening of the service compartment and the screen
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