Design & Build

The “CAMEC Effect”

The CAMEC effect is the combination of values, skills and commitment that has always distinguished our operations.

CAMEC’s complete plants for solid waste treatment and transformation are functional technological solutions, custom built to meet the needs of each client and to recover secondary raw materials of high purity and high quality.

We aim to inspire our customers, creating processing experiences and products of the highest quality, working efficiently to meet requirements and desires. It is our conviction that creativity becomes innovation when the work is approached with passion.

The CAMEC Effect is the legacy of the excellence of Made in Italy, reliability and innovation that CAMEC brings to the table.


A Full-Spectrum Customized Service

At CAMEC, we are committed to innovation through technology. We firmly believe in people, teamwork and ideas in a collaborative culture geared towards a common goal.

Because, when the work is carried out with passion, creativity becomes innovation and innovation propels towards the future… towards CAMEC.