Handling Division Handling Division

Design and construction of machines for industrial material handling.

Industrial Tippers for Bins

Our range of Tippers is precision-engineered to ensure safe and efficient lifting and handling of bins, avoiding any possible deterioration of the materials they contain. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to logistics.

Tippers with Dosing Systems

Our Tippers can be equipped with dosing systems designed to ensure optimal and controlled distribution of the material during discharge, avoiding unwanted accumulation or dispersion.

Industrial Tippers for Special Applications

These fully customised tippers feature special applications and are specifically designed for particular customer production requirements.

Industrial Lifters

Our lifters allow preforms to be elevated within the rectifier connected to the PET bottle blower.

Industrial Tilters

Camec Tilters are ideal for all requirements for positioning medium-sized bins containing items that cannot be deteriorated.

Industrial Positioners

Camec Positioners are ideal solutions to meet all requirements for positioning objects or foundry castings that need to be processed manually or in the outer-inner profile.