The machine and plant revamping service is dedicated to machines that have exceeded ten years of life and therefore have mechanical components and technological solutions that are becoming obsolete.

Revamping is a modernization processthat makes an outdated machine efficient, replacing some of its mechanical and plant parts, without however interfering with its overall structure. An intervention of this type makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the plant, extending its production life and postponing the need to replace it with a new machine.

Revamping is a real “restructuring” of the machine, aimed at improving its functionality by applying – where possible – more advanced technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety of automation. Just as it happens when you renovate a house, during a revamping intervention we not only replace certain worn parts with identical new ones, but radically rethink the way the machine operates, checking the possibility of applying more advanced technological solutions that will make the machine as a whole more effective and safer.

Revamping a machine/plant is therefore an extremely convenient choice that allows you to:

  • Make the plant more efficient, improving its productivity
  • Save money by making the machine more efficient with a low cost and postponing the need to completely replace the automation
  • Make the system less energy-consuming(therefore less expensive and less polluting)
  • Making the system saferfor all the personnel who must work on it
  • Prevent the occurrence of breakages, malfunctions and other problemsthat could lead to the blocking of the system and force it to be replaced.

To be sure that the revamping intervention is completed in the most effective, rapid and satisfactory way possible it is essential to rely on the expertise of a partner who has in-depth knowledge of the machinery on which to intervene, its life cycle and its problems, and that at the same time is an expert in the sector, and therefore is able to propose the most advanced technical and technological solutions to improve the performance of the plant itself.

CAMEC, with its more than twenty-year long experience in the production and installation of recycling machines, can study together with its customers the most suitable revamping intervention to comply with their needs CAMEC technicians, working in synergy with the client company, analyse the performance of the system, check the conditions of all its components and suggest which interventions can solve critical issues and improve the productivity and quality of the work carried out by the plant.

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