Opportunity maintenance

Opportunity Maintenance

Opportunity Maintenance is a maintenance management strategy adopted to optimize the operational availability of systems, minimizing downtimes during the period when the system is required for use. This approach is aimed at planning maintenance actions for times when the system is not operating or is not strictly required, in order to avoid any loss of productivity or service outages during critical operating hours.

The main goal of this strategy is to maximize operational availability of the system, minimizing interruptions and negative impacts on production. To ensure this approach functions correctly, it is important to plan maintenance activities carefully and manage resources efficiently to ensure servicing is carried out in a timely manner and in compliance with CAMEC’s quality standards, simultaneously ensuring the reliability and safety of the system remain intact.

CAMEC aims to guarantee availability of its machines and plants at all times and in all circumstances, by undertaking to supply efficient and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer, while also guaranteeing impeccable service quality.


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