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CAMEC: your Trusted Partner for Complete Industrial Solutions, where Excellence is the Norm.

methodology and the continuous exchange of information within our organization ensures the production process culminates in the delivery of fully assembled machines that have passed their final testing stage in a wide range of application sectors.

Our medium-heavy metalworking department is a precious resource, allowing us to create structures of diverse configurations, materials, and types. We pay special attention to quality thanks to individual welding qualifications, guaranteeing impeccable assembly of materials, strictly adherent to construction drawing specifications, offering also stress relieving heat treatments, sand blasting, and machining of tools whenever necessary.

CAMEC: your trusted partner for complete industrial solutions, where excellence is the norm.

Medium-Heavy Metalworking

CAMEC's primary goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction, every time.

Rigorous methodology and the continuous exchange of information within our organization ensures the production process culminates in the delivery of complete machines, ready for installation and final testing, in a wide range of application sectors.

Our medium-heavy metalworking shop allows us to build structures of various forms and types and in a range of materials. We ensure correct assembly of the materials through the use of individual qualification of our welders, following the construction drawing specifications and proceeding with stress relieving heat treatments, sand blasting and machining of tools, as necessary.

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To be carried out to perfection, milling operations require a thorough understanding of the raw material, continuous updating of production technologies, and application of an accurate and stringent “quality protocol”.
Every stage of CAMEC’s production process complies with the rigorous quality and safety criteria demanded by the reference standards. In its mechanical construction activities CAMEC guarantees precise execution of the product in every part, however small and apparently insignificant.



“There's no approximation: it's either in tolerance or it isn't”: that's how we work, making use of the very latest machinery: the activities of our mechanical engineering department constitute a predominant part of CAMEC operations.
Every day the department performs a range of machining processes that differ in terms of type, quantity, and materials (from stainless steel to oxyacetylene cutting and casting). Flexible in machining a single part or performing series production, our versatility ensures we can match any customer demand.


Sand blasting and Painting

The process reaches its conclusion with the sand blasting and painting processes: sand blasting removes scale and machining residues to create a substrate offering good anchorage for the application of anti rust treatments and subsequent protective coatings. The machine is then finished with a painting schedule before final assembly and internal testing, making ensuring all production operations comply with criteria of excellence and durability through time.



Assembly and Testing

Assembly and testing follow the precise and stringent standards imposed by the ISO 9001 internal quality system: these two stages complete the production process and prepare the machine for shipment and installation on the customer's site.
Training on the work site and after-sales assistance mean Camec can deliver a full-spectrum service, placing the customer at the centre of the process at all times.