My Camec

Each program type provides you with several Exclusive Benefits, including priority access to services and spare parts.


Residual life assessment and revamping, after-sales service including tele-diagnostics, supply of parts, and maintenance, whether preventive, opportunity, or corrective: the MY CAMEC program is all of this and far more besides.

More than simply a legal requirement, correct and thorough maintenance is essential to guarantee optimal operation of your machines and plants.

CAMEC has developed this assistance program in order to provide an accurate and continuous response to the needs of customers with customized yearly, two-yearly or three-yearly maintenance packages offering special terms and discounts on parts.

my camec

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is based on a series of actions designed to check that the machine is working correctly and that there are no problematic situations that could result in damage over time.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance can include the installation of new components, modernization of existing parts, implementation of new technologies or adaptation to comply with the most recent standards.

Opportunity Maintenance

Opportunity Maintenance is a maintenance management strategy to optimize operative availability of the systems, minimizing interruptions during the period in which the system is required for use. This approach is intended to plan maintenance actions for times when the system is inactive or not strictly required.


Revamping is a process of modernization that allows a dated machine to be upgraded, changing some components of the technical systems and mechanical parts, without interfering with its overall structure. 

Spare parts

Timely identification of problems by our Technical Assistance people working alongside the customer, also remotely, allows faults to be solved fast.
If the customer can work independently, CAMEC will supply replacement parts for components subject to wear fast, so the necessary maintenance can be carried out and machine downtimes can be reduced to the bare minimum.