WEEE R2 – Large appliances disposal

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment have a specific designation found on a label on the item: WEEE. WEEE is waste from technological products such as household appliances (washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.), computers and power tools.
A free market economy such as ours is based on consumption and the amount of WEEE products is expected to rise, creating an ever-greater risk of disposal in the environment or in landfills, leading to pollution of the soil, water and air, with an impact on human health. These products must be processed correctly, recovering the materials they are made of, such as copper, iron, steel, aluminium, glass and silver. This avoids wasted resources that could be reused to manufacture new equipment, while contributing to environmental sustainability. The disposal method consists in crushing then separation, i.e. mechanical machining to separate the materials according to metal.


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