WEEE R3 recycling

Shredding WEEE group R3 items - TVs and monitors (televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, tablets) - allows recovery of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals, present in small quantities in electronic components. Given the large quantities of electronic devices that are disposed of daily, it is clear that the recovery of these materials is extremely cost-effective.

Quad-Shaft Shredder - TR4A400

TR4A400 is a shredder with four hexagonal section shafts and independently driven rotors.

The shredder has electric motor drive.

  • Fabricated arc welded steel shredding section
  • Bearings amply separated from the shredding zone
  • 4 hexagonal section 150 mm shafts
  • Independently driven rotors
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AS450 Bag Opener

The bag openers are expressly designed to unpack bales that are not highly compacted, and to open bags of unsorted municipal solid waste.

  • Integral blades mounted in the bag opener / mill version
  • Arc welded fabricated base composed of tubular members and press-formed sheet steel
  • Cutting chamber 1100 x 1500 mm
  • Outside dimensions 4700 x 1500 x H 630 mm
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