Training is the basis for having and maintaining a performing machine or plant and represents an essential element of the service offered by CAMEC.

We do not simply supply Machines, Spare Parts and Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance to our customers, but a complete process, of which training is an integral and essential part to guarantee the best production performance of the machines to the customers themselves.

CAMEC ensures a Training with customized programsheld by its specialized technicians, in order to allow the clients’ operators to act on the machine/system independently and maintain long-term efficiency.

The goal of our training is to transfer our know-how to each operator, allowing him to fully exploit the potential of each machine, assimilating all the functions and mastering the controls and software.

Through Training, theoretical knowledge and practical trainingbecome a single thing Our customers’ technicians, have so the opportunity to train on the same machines on which they will be working day after day and this guarantees them to acquire such experience as to be able to get the best performance over time.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we organize training sessions at our customers’ premises that cover all the main topics, such as:

  • Machine characteristics
  • Usage of the Operator Panel and Parameter Setting
  • Basic diagnostics to prevent potential operating problems
  • How to carry out Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance
  • Industry 4.0: PC installation for industrial automation of the production process

We are also available to plan courses for the machines already installed, to update the knowledge of the technicians or to train new staff.

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