Compacted bale aluminium recycling

Camec offers complete treatment of aluminium, both in bulk form and in compacted bales. Our production line is carefully designed to optimise the yield of a high-density end product. We therefore guarantee a highly efficient and sustainable aluminium treatment process.

Single-shaft shredder GL650

GL650 with 650 mm rotor is a single-shaft shredder with radial pusher and hydraulic motor drive able to guarantee very high hourly throughput.

  • Arc welded monobloc structure for elevated robustness
  • Large shredding surface area
  • Bearings amply separated from the shredding zone
  • Planetary gear reducers 
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Two-shaft shredder TR2A520

TR2A520 is a top-of-the-range shredder suitable for heavy duty work cycles.

The generously sized frame is designed to withstand bending-twisting moments, also when shredding extremely tough materials, guaranteeing high performance levels.

  • Bearings amply separated from the shredding zone
  • 2 hexagonal section 240 mm shafts
  • Independently driven rotors
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Rotary Shears - CR2A645

Model CR2A645 is specifically designed for heavy duty work on high wear materials. Ideal  for volumetric reduction and coarse shredding of steel waste, ferrous scrap, or material in high-density bales.

  • Shredder with two independent working shafts to reduce the rpm
  • Easy maintenance cutting chamber with various blade configurations
  • Wear-resistant cutting tools
  • Customizable base and hopper for material loading and discharge
  • Control panel with PLC to manage the machine, integration with other machines, the emergency circuit and safety of the mechanical parts
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