Rotary Shears - CR2A645

Model CR2A645 is specifically designed for heavy duty work on high wear materials. Ideal  for volumetric reduction and coarse shredding of steel waste, ferrous scrap, or material in high-density bales.

Available versions

  • CR2A645/15
  • CR2A645/20
  • CR2A830/25


Aluminium Aluminium
Copper cables Copper cables
Ferrous material Ferrous material
Rotary Shears


The CR2A rotary shears are specifically designed for the ferrous metals line, especially with severe conditions and heavy duty work cycles.

The generously sized structure withstands bending-twisting moments, also when working with extremely tough materials.

The shears are designed and build exclusively with a hydraulic drive unit, maintaining proportionally reduced energy consumption.

The low speed of the blades makes it possible to develop high torque levels of the shredding tools, making them a perfect fit for the ferrous metals line.

Technical specifications

  • Shredder with two independent working shafts to reduce the rpm
  • Easy maintenance cutting chamber with various blade configurations
  • Wear-resistant cutting tools
  • Customizable base and hopper for material loading and discharge
  • Control panel with PLC to manage the machine, integration with other machines, the emergency circuit and safety of the mechanical parts


CAMEC Car Demolition Shredding Plant with Rotary Shear CR2A645/20, Car Shredding