Industrial single-shaft, double-shaft or four-shaft shredder? Choose it according to your company needs

The single-shaft (single-rotor), double-shaft or four-shaft industrial shredders guarantee different performances and are suitable for the treatment of different types of material.


To choose which type of shredder to prefer it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as:


  • Type of material to be shredded: some materials can be treated by both single-shaft shredders, double-shaft or four-shaft shredders, while others require a specific type of shredder. Rubber and WEEE, for example, can only be shredded with a double shaft, while plastic or industrial pallets require treatment with a single rotor.


  • Dimensions of the material to be shredded: normally double-shaft shredders are used for the treatment of large waste, because they allow a drastic reduction in their volume thanks to the presence of a double system of blades that turn in the opposite direction. The four-shaft shredders are a further development of this type of technology, they are also equipped with a grid to calibrate the size and are therefore suitable for the treatment of large quantities of large waste. The single-rotors, instead, are suitable for grinding smaller material, even if the possibility of customizing the dimensions of the blades allows them to be equally high-performance and able to operate effectively even in the long term, with lower maintenance costs that are lower to the ones of the double-shaft shredders.


  • Possible presence of non-shreddable material: a very important factor to be taken into account is the possible presence inside the material to be treated of non-shreddable components that could damage the blades of the machinery. If you cannot be sure that the material to be treated is completely free of non-shreddable components, it is better to prefer a slow single shaft device, which would suffer less damages and could could receive maintenance assistance faster than a double-shaft or a four-shaft shredder. In addition, the Camec single-shaft shredder is equipped with a shock sensor that stops the machine in the event of a collision with foreign components.


  • Post-treatment size of the material: if you have decided to install a shredder with the sole aim of reducing the volume of the material you have to treat, the best choice is a double-shaft shredder, which is able to shred a wide range of materials, always guaranteeing high performance. If, on the other hand, you not only want to reduce the volume of waste that you shred, but also want to obtain a residue that has a uniform size, it is advisable to use a single-rotor which – being equipped with a grid that regulates the output of the material – permits to obtain residues of defined size. If the material to be shredded cannot be treated in a single-rotor, but you still need to control the size of the shredding product, the choice may fall on a four-shaft shredder, which can be equipped with a grid.


To discover the characteristics of our single-shaft, double-shaft and four-shaft industrial shredders and to find out what type of material they can handle, download the CAMEC Industrial Shredder Guide!

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