Extraordinary maintenance

Extraordinary maintenance is necessary to extend the life of the wear parts of the machine/plant maintaining them performant over time and replace them when needed. The blades of a shredder, for example, undergo a natural wear process which in the long run decreases its productivity. To make a shredder work efficiently it is necessaryto periodically check the blades, sharpening them to ensure that their edge remains sharp. This operation must be carried out on all the blades of the shredder; therefore, a single-rotor will require a faster intervention than that necessary for the extraordinary maintenance of a two-shaft or four-shaft shredder.


Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions are very simple to perform since CAMEC machines are equipped withautomatic openings and easily accessible access compartments for maintenance: this makes interventions significantly faster and easier, allowing machine downtime to be halved.


CAMEC offers Extraordinary Maintenanceinterventions carried out by its own specialized personnel who can work directly at the customer’s premises, allowing in a very short time to restore the functionality of the machine.

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