Tetra Pak disposal

Tetra Pak is the most widely used material for liquid food conservation. It is a paper compound coated with plastic on the outside and aluminium on the inside. Its impermeability makes it perfect for storing food. It can be entirely recycled. The Tetra Pak processing system crushes and shreds the material before separating the paper, polyethylene and aluminium. Once reduced into pieces, it is packaged. The cellulose present in the Tetra Pak can be recovered in the paper recycling process in the paper mill. Once the containers are immersed in water, the cellulose fibres are released from the plastic and aluminium, and the separated materials can be transformed into new products. Tetra Pak cannot be considered only waste but above all a potential resource to re-enter the production process to manufacture new products. In this case, the waste is Tetra Pak cardboard, composed of 74% cellulose fibres, 22 % polyethylene and 4% aluminium.


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