Single-shaft shredder GSR480

GSR480 with 480 mm rotor is a single-shaft shredder with radial pusher and electric motor drive. These shredders are equipped with a grid to allow uniform piece size at outfeed.

Available versions

  • GSR480/13
  • GSR480/15
  • GSR480/18


Aluminium Aluminium
Wood Wood
Paper and cardboard Paper and cardboard
Plastic Plastic
Rubber Rubber
PVC profiles PVC profiles
Food waste Food waste
Copper cables Copper cables
Hospital waste Hospital waste
Textile scrap Textile scrap
Tetra Pak® Tetra Pak®
Single-shaft shredders


The high-powered GSR480 shredder is a single-shaft machine with radial pusher, featuring electric motor drive.

The possibility of a parallel shaft gear reducer and automatic direction reversal make these machines single-shaft shredders with exceptional performance.

The use of interchangeable cutters allows fast maintenance with reduced machine downtimes.

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic power pack driven by a 3 kW motor to supply oil to the hydraulic cylinders.

Optional version with double chain transmission coupling between rotor and gear reducer.

Technical specifications

  • High shredding surface area
  • Compact dimensions
  • Bearings amply separated from the shredding zone
  • Parallel shaft gear reducer
  • Easy maintenance thanks to fully automatic opening of the compartment
  • Screen  maintenance


CAMEC Aluminum Shredding Plant with Single Shaft Shredder GSR480 + Tipper RIB1F