All materials that can be treated with a CAMEC industrial shredder

One of the fundamental features of CAMEC shredders is their versatility, which makes them suitable for working in different contexts and for treating a great variety of materials.

The different models of CAMEC shredders, indeed, are able to operate with:

  • municipal solid waste
  • industrial waste
  • hospital waste
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as household appliances, computers or solar panels
  • special industrial substances such as oil filters or metal waste
  • materials such as aluminum, paper, wood, rubber, copper, plastic, textiles and food waste.

For each of these types of materials, CAMEC offers specific shredder models that can then be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Depending on the type of product to be treated, its quantity, the possible presence of non-shreddable foreign material and the size of the output material requested by the customer, CAMEC is able to modify the components of its machinery and provide a customized shredder. In this way it is possible to adequately treat any type of material, recovering recyclable components when possible and allowing a drastic reduction in the volume of material to be disposed of.

To discover all the materials that can be treated with our single-shaft and double-shaft industrial shredders, download the CAMEC Industrial Shredder Guide

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