PAPER MILL SECTOR, …the special CAMEC applications are going on! Technology and experience mix together to give life to circular economy.

The new technologies developed by CAMEC take the field in the paper mill sector.

Always listening to the needs of its end customers, for some years already CAMEC has been able to introduce an alternative cutting-edge system in the treatment of pulper and braid waste within the paper mills.

This system, the result of the enormous experience of the operators in the paper industry combined with our operational structure of highly qualified technicians and designers, allowed us to take a further step forward in the recovery of plastic and ferrous materials waste to be reintroduced in circular economy, previously destined for landfill.

The system uses an aero-magnetic separator which, by drying the introduced material, allows to separate the plastics from the ferrous material.

The system adopted by CAMEC allows to reduce the disposal costs reaching a humidity of 20% of the plastics to be reused and to totally recover the iron of the paper bales ties, originally introduced in the Pulper for the recovery of the fiber.

The first plants were put into service 3 years ago and the added value of the material that is extracted from the treated waste is proving to be well above expectations!

In 2019 this system was patented to protect the technology developed by CAMEC.

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