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March 18 - Global Recycling Day

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Today, March 18th, is the Global Recycling Day. A day to celebrate the importance and potential of recycling in modern society.

The World Recycling Day was established in 2018 by the Global Recycling Foundation to highlight how the correct differentiation and conferment gives waste the possibility of returning back to the production cycle as SRM (Secondary Raw Material) and therefore, of having a new life. Obviously, the goal is to invite everyone to waste fewer resources and therefore to respect and safeguard our planet.

Italians celebrate this day as a “leader”. Italy, in fact, being a territory with scarce raw materials, soon learned the art of recycling: giving a second life to materials, and in particular to paper, iron and plastic, but not only, it is in fact one of our excellences.

According to the Greenitaly 2020 report we are the first country in Europe for the recycling of waste per capita, since we recover 79% of the waste produced, industrial and urban, double the European average (39%), followed by France (56 %), UK (50%) and Germany (43%).

Everyone’s commitment must be daily and constant! A few simple habits in company production departments, in public and urban environments and at home help to strengthen a social civic sense and achieve great results!


CAMEC firmly believes in a sustainable environmental culture where waste material can be seen more and more as a value and a resource!

We offer “tailor-made” solutions for any waste material.


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