Today is the European Clean Up Day, a European day dedicated to the recovery of abandoned waste that takes place simultaneously in several European countries.

This event, organized annually since 2014 and coordinated at European level, is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, an environmental awareness initiative funded by the LIFE + Program of the European Commission.

On the occasion of the European Clean-Up Day, citizens, associations and institutions of European countries are invited to organize and/or take part in cleaning events in a public space (a park, a square, a street, a beach, etc.) lasting one day (or a few consecutive days).

The European Clean-Up Day was created with the aim of raising awareness among citizens on the problem of indiscriminate abandonment of waste in nature and contributing to its reduction and to the enhancement of common spaces by creating a collective awareness of the importance of Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

To give visibility to this event, a communication campaign known as Let’s Clean Up Europe (LCUE) is organized every year, promoted by the European Commission and which this year extends from 9 May to 28 November, which is meant to be a sort of “call to action” aimed at European citizens. The duration from May until the end of November will allow everyone to organize cleaning events, compatibly with the climatic conditions and of course with the restrictions dictated by Covid. During this period, everyone will be able to participate in the awareness campaign against littering and carry out waste collection and extraordinary cleaning actions.





We at CAMEC have always had the environment in our heart and we are proud to create, for our Recycling Division, machines and plants for the volumetric reduction of waste, essential systems so that they can start their recovery and recycling process and thus find new life as a second raw material (MPS) in order to be put back into the production cycle.

The resources of our planet are not inexhaustible and we are all called to use intelligence and ingenuity to take care of and better respect the environment in which we live!


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