The DRM650 line is the synthesis of Camec’s experience in the construction of recycling machines: the double rotor is encountered in this particular configuration with the use of interchangeable tools and the application of selection grids that allow to obtain a constant and controlled size: in this line all the devices and the characteristics of the machines produced up to now are applied in order to have a reliable and technological process.

Particularly designed for the expulsion of non-shredding materials, the machine is equipped with a shock interception system that allows to minimize any damage to the cutting edges by stopping the rotors in case of intrusion of non-shreddable bodies (we mean thick metals (more than 5 mm ) which can cause the rotor to block or decelerate strongly).

The crawler that makes it self-propelled autonomously by means of a diesel engine positions this shredder at the top of the Camec range, bringing the machine closer to the material and no longer the material to the machine.

Mobile Shredder – DRM650

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