Paper disposal

Paper is a material that can be recycled and reused multiple times. When its life cycle ends, paper can be used as a fuel to produce energy. The separate collection of paper concerns various products such as rolls and cartons.

Starting from the paper waste fiber, through the recycling process, about 95% of the material is transformed into new paper. The paper stored as waste first undergoes a selection to divide the recyclable part from the impure one. Volumetric reduction follows through pressing and tying into bales. Then the shredding. Then the bleaching and bleaching to remove the inks. Finally, the reduction to a pulp with the addition of hot water.

The resulting slurry is treated in the refinement to separate the cellulose pulp from the rest. Finally virgin cellulose is added.

The new life of the paper can begin and the recycling result can be used.


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